St. Matthew Lutheran Church


Jesusí Instruction Book of Life

An on-line Vacation Bible School program using Jesusí parables


Weekdays, July 13th thru August 14th


Registration Form:

Name and age of each child participating:


_____________________________________†††††††††† ___________________________________


_____________________________________†††††††††† ___________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________________________________


Email to use for Zoom: ____________________________________________________

Alternate email for Zoom (if needed): _______________________________________


Phone Number: __________________________________________________________


Address: ________________________________________________________________


Complete and return the attached registration form to:

[email protected] or mail it to church at:

St, Matthew Lutheran Church

ATTN: VBS 2020

3620 Red Rose Farm Road

Baltimore, MD 21220

Or schedule a time to drop off your completed registration form to the church office by calling 410-335-4210.