Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

The pastor is available for listening sessions. If there is a concern that needs to be addressed beyond his abilities, professional counseling is suggested. Call the office if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Home Communion is given to those who under special circumstances cannot come to services on Sundays. The pastor or a team from our Home Visitation Group visits those confined at home or a nursing home.

The pastor will visit members in the hospital but must be notified. He will visit friends or family who are not members but those being visited must confirm the visit beforehand.

Baptism Policy

Baptism is a special gift from God given to the church to be administered and passed down through the ages as a sign of God’s love and forgiveness. It is a lifelong gift that not only assures us of our salvation; but, it also functions every day of our life. As a gift, its value is appreciated more and more as we practice and are reminded of God’s amazing grace.

Baptisms are most often held on the fourth Sunday of every month depending upon events scheduled within the congregation. Couples who wish to have their baby baptized along with children and adults of all ages are required to meet with the pastor and attend a baptism class; typically held on the second Tuesday of each month, before the baptism.

Please contact the church office to schedule a meeting or for more specific details.

Wedding Policy

Marriage is a holy gift from God, and it is an honor to provide an opportunity for those who want to acknowledge God’s place in their lives as they begin a new life together. Members are encouraged to make arrangements through the office as soon as possible in order to coordinate available dates.

Couples are required to meet with the Pastor three times. These meetings are to be completed at least three weeks before the wedding service. If our church organist services are desired, couples are asked to contact Mark Hurley directly to coordinate the date, practice times, desired music, and fees. He will coordinate any special musical requests.

St. Matthew also provides an opportunity to work with couples that are not members of the church. Due to scheduling priorities, not all requests can be accommodated. Special preferences are given to those who have a history with St. Matthew, live in the community or have relatives who are members of the congregation. Non-members are encouraged to worship with us on Sundays. Please contact the office for specific details.

Funeral Policy

The end of life is a passage of time everyone must go through. At such times, the church carries with it the hope and promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ. God’s word assures us, within the painful realities of loss, of his victory over death. God provides a context in death for new life. As a community, we want to provide the support and hope that comes only from God.

St. Matthew provides heartfelt assistance in various ways, for those suffering the loss of a loved one. When church schedules allow, use of the sanctuary for funeral and memorial services are offered. Under the same conditions, with advance notice the ladies of the church provide luncheons in our fellowship hall after services. A non-designated donation is suggested to offset the cost of food.

The pastor will also perform services at the funeral home and will minister to both members and non-members. Please contact the church as soon as possible when services are needed. We will do everything we can to assist through the mourning process.

Becoming A Member

There are several ways to become a member.

Transfer of Membership – If you are a member of another Lutheran Church and want to transfer your membership to St. Matthew, please call the office or contact your former church to send the transfer papers.

Child or Adult Baptism – Once you are baptized at St. Matthew, you become a member. A child under the age of 18 years old will not become a full member until he/she grows in faith in the church and completes first communion and confirmation classes.

Affirmation of Faith – As an adult of any faith wanting to become a member of St. Matthew, a meeting with the Pastor is required. Upon completion of that meeting, you will be issued offering envelopes and will be announced as a new member during a Sunday service. Please call the office to become a member.

Renewal of membership at St. Matthew – If your membership at St. Matthew has become inactive and you wish to reactivate your membership, a meeting with the Pastor is required. Upon completion of that meeting, you will be issued offering envelopes and will be announced as a renewed member during a Sunday service. Please call the office to renew your membership.