Our Worship

What to Expect

Coming together for the Glory of God

There are two types of worship services offered at St. Matthew. On Sunday mornings, the traditional form of liturgy is used. Worship is supplemented with a bulletin that contains the whole service making it easier to follow.

The Lord’s Supper / Communion

As a member of the NALC, we open communion to all those who believe in Jesus and his promise of salvation by grace through faith. We believe that Christ is mysteriously present in, through, and under the elements of Bread and Wine. This sacrament or gift from God unifies us as children of God under the commonality of Christ. Communion is distributed every Sunday during the morning traditional services only.

The Nursery
The Nursery provides supervised care for school age children during the 11am worship services. Through professional background checking, our church endeavors to ensure safe supervision. All children of families attending the Sunday 11am services are welcome in our Nursery!

The Choir

Our choir is lead by Pam M. Pam brings to the choir her musical talent and gifted leadership. We have members who serve on the choir, year after year, with heart and dedication serving God with voices of praise. We are tremendously blessed to have our choir serving the Lord and leading those who worship at St. Matthew.

If you are interested in joining our choir, please contact the church office at 410-335-4210.