Staff, Council & Volunteers

Our Staff

  • Pastor: Rev. John Kulczycki – Pastor John graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Philosophy. He graduated from Luther Northwestern Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. He served parishes in the Bronx New York and Pittsburgh PA before coming to St. Matthew in 1988.
  • Church Administrator: Kathy Duvall – Kathy has been the Church Administrator at St. Matthew since the fall of 2005. She brings to her ministry, skills in computers and office administration. Before coming to St. Matthew she has spent her career in various business settings and brings to the office an eagerness to serve and a love of people that reflects her faith.
  • Choir Director: Pam McCracken – Pam has served outstandingly as choir director at St. Matthew for many years. She teaches music in the Baltimore County Public School system and has received many awards as band director and teacher at Kenwood High School. She is currently teaching elementary school aged children in Baltimore County. Pam’s dedication to the children she teaches and her skills in music provides inspiration not only in the classroom but also on Sundays in worship.
  • Organist: Mark Hurley – Mark has been St. Matthew’s beloved organist for the last twenty years. Mark brings to our worship a technical and performance skill that not only provides the lead in worship but also enhances our services with special music that is inspirational.

Council Chairpersons

  • Disaster/Missions: Gail B.
  • Evangelism: Rick F.
  • Fellowship: Irene M.
  • Financial Secretary: Dennis W.
  • Parish Education: Kathy D.
  • Property: Jeff M.
  • Social Concerns: Maria A.
  • Stewardship: Helen S.
  • Worship: Donna J.
  • Youth: Joy M.

Executive Council Members

  • President: Scott M.
  • Treasurer: Dennis W.
  • Recording Secretary: Mary Ann S.

Women of the NALC Council Members

  • President: Pam K​.
  • Vice President: Kathy F.
  • Treasurer: Ann J.
  • Recording Secretary: Mary Ann S.

Volunteer services

Many of the volunteer positions here at St. Matthew are Sunday School Teachers, Confirmation Leaders, Youth Group Leaders, First Communion Teacher, Bible Study Leaders, Council Members, Building Maintenance, Altar Guild, Ushers, Greeters, Food Preparation Volunteers, and the list goes on. If you are interested in volunteer services, please contact the office for direction.